Lake Texana State Park

by rlaurendeau on June 14, 2010

Whether you are from the Austin, Texas or Houston, Texas area or plan to visit TX soon, we recommend that you check out the Gulf Coast regions’ Lake Texana State Park. Lake Texana State Park was opened in September 1981 and is located on Lake Texana, a reservoir of the Navidad River. While the state park itself is only about 575 acres, Lake Texana spans across 11,000 surface acres of water and has around 125 miles of shoreline.

Now that’s a lot of summer water fun waiting just for you! And when the Texas summers can get up to temperatures averaging 98 degrees (average for July in this area), you are going to want to find a bit of cool water. In fact, many visitors like to take advantage of Lake Texana by putting their boat out on the lake to go tubing, water skiing, or even fishing. Other watersport enthusiasts like to jet ski or even kayak out on the waters or along the shore. You can also swim at Lake Texana, but note that they do not have designated swim areas or lifeguards so do so at your own risk.

After you have cooled off and had a day’s worth of fun out on Lake Texana, this state park has other activities for you to enjoy. You can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy one of the designated picnic areas within the park or find your own. Maybe you will want to bring your picnic lunch on a hike. Lake Texana State Park features hiking trails as well as a Nature Center for you to discover more about the plants and wildlife in this area.

Visitors who want to stay overnight will want to check out the Lake Texana State Park campgrounds. The camping facilities feature both water hook-up sites as well as sites with both water and electricity, great if you plan to bring your Austin RV rental. Each campsite also has picnic capabilities with a table and outdoor grill. While you can tent camp at Lake Texana, we recommend that you check out Austin campers so you can try to avoid the heat for a good night’s sleep. Those TX nights can still be pretty brutal, especially if you are not used to the higher temperatures.

Lake Texana State Park is located near Edna, Texas—about 2.5 hours south of the Austin, Texas area near the Gulf Coast. The state park is open seven days a week all year long, and the front gate opens at 7 a.m. and closes by 10 p.m. each night. Note that if you plan to camp, overnight guests must check out by 2 p.m. on their last day. Entrance fees into the park are $3 per person (ages 13 and over) per day, so plan accordingly. Camping fees are in addition to entrance fees; please call the state park directly for most recent rate and reservation information.

Beat the heat in Texas and take a chance on Lake Texana State Park. Whether you decide to stay a whole week or just make an overnight visit, Lake Texana will help you cool off in its beautiful waters and have a little fun while you’re at it. Lake Texana State Park is a great vacation destination for adults and families alike.

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