Enchanted Rock

by Jessie Riley on January 17, 2013

Enchanted RockWhat’s a vacation without a little adventure? Of course, sometimes it seems like adventure can be hard to find, or too difficult to reach—for most of us, climbing Mt. Everest or canoeing down the Amazon are distant dreams. However, it’s easy to find adventure closer to home, if you know where to look. On your next trip to Texas, don’t miss a chance to climb Enchanted Rock with Mountain Madness Climbing Adventures.

Enchanted Rock is a granite outcropping in the Texas hills west of Austin. This massive rock formation, formed in the Earth’s mantle and exposed now due to erosion, offers rock climbers a unique opportunity to climb faces of varying difficulty and steepness. Everyone from beginning climbers to experienced mountaineers will find something to enjoy at Enchanted Rock.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway in your Austin travel trailer rental, you should definitely check out Mountain Madness Climbing Adventures. One of the top climbing schools in the United States, Mountain Madness offers classes on climbing, rappelling, and spelunking. Led by experienced guide Scott Harris and his team of expert climbers, these two-day intensives on rock climbing are appropriate for the whole family, since the diverse faces of Enchanted Rock accommodate climbers of all levels of experience.

You’ll be able to choose between several different classes. Enchanted Rock Climbing 1 is perfect for both beginners and intermediate climbers. This class allows climbers to explore both sides of Enchanted Rock, and provides a foundation for climbers to keep building their skills. Austin Limestone Climbing 1 is similar, but takes guests to Reimers Ranch Park, located just west of Austin. This course is a great introduction to sport climbing. More advanced courses are available for those with a little more climbing experience, and you can even choose to have a private lesson with Scott himself.

Classes are offered on weekends year-round, and are available as either one-day or two-day courses. The Enchanted Rock Climbing 1 class is $95 for one day and $195 for two days, and the Austin Limestone Climbing class is $75 for one day and $155 for two days. If you’re traveling in an Austin RV rental, the nearby Fredericksburg RV Park offers full-hookup camping with wireless Internet for $40 a night.

Next time you visit Texas, add a little adventure to your trip by climbing Enchanted Rock! Keep checking this blog for more vacation tips.

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